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Giving away the kids bicycles

What follows is a letter we sent along with the kid's bikes to the mayor of Barra de la Cruz, a small town near Hautulco Mexico..



Mayor  C. Ignacio Garcia Ricardez

Barra de La Cruz

Tehuantepec, Oaxaca




Dear Sir,


My family and I have spent the past year cruising the Pacific Coast of Mexico in our 53’ sailboat, “Sula”.  We have visited many places and ports in your wonderful country and often rode the bicycle’s we carried aboard while ashore.


We will soon be returning to our home near Seattle, WA and would like to leave the children’s bicycles here in your care.   Enriche Loustalot Laclette at Marina Chahue suggested that you would be able to find children of the appropriate ages whom could make good use of the bikes.  While they are not in the best of condition, having traveled many thousands of miles with us, they are still serviceable and our hope is that they can provide many  more years of enjoyment for children in Barra de La Cruz.





Eric **********

s/v ‘Sula’



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